Does this course cover NLP techniques?

Yes. The course covers many of the main techniques utilised in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) including Six-Step Reframing, the Fast Phobia Technique and others.

Does the training cover specific approaches for smoking cessation; weight loss; IBS; etc.?

The course offers an integrative approach and teaches a variety of tried and tested techniques for working with a wide range of problems. The course does indeed include time for specific focus upon some of the most common issues likely to be addressed with hypnotherapy: weight management; smoking cessation; stress management; pain management and phobias.

Should I start reading suitable books before the course starts?

Extra-curricular preparatory reading is not required, although your tutor will be happy to recommend books that would be helpful and interesting to read before taking the course. 

How much practical work is included in this course?

Over 50% of course time is focused upon practical work. We also include specific ‘practical revision clinics’ in addition to the module days to allow you to experience a realistic clinical setting. You will receive your module course books several weeks in advance of each module and any reading should be undertaken in your own time in order to free up as much classroom time as possible for practical work. As the course runs with small numbers (averaging 8-12 students), you will receive plenty of individual attention and guidance when conducting practical work.

Who is the course recognised and accredited by?

The diploma is accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP). After completion of the course you will be entitled to join both The NCP and the register of the GHSC – General Hypnotherapy Register. Through joining the GHR you will be awarded the General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice and therefore eligible to add the designation ‘GQHP’ and ‘GHR Reg.’ after your name. Through joining the NCP as a practising member, you will be eligible to add the letters ‘MNCP’ after your name.

In addition to our accreditation with the NCP and GHSC, MindWorks is an affiliated training school of the Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists (CRSST)

When can I start practising with paying clients?

Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded with a hypnotherapy/psychotherapy Practitioner’s Diploma which will allow you to obtain insurance and begin practising.

It is strongly advised that you also join either the General Hypnotherapy Register and/or the National Council of Psychotherapists before commencing practice.

What course support do you offer outside course days and after training is complete?

MindWorks provides ongoing course support via phone and email during the course and for as long as required after course completion and certification.

Graduates can access a private online group forum and both current students and graduates are able to access our book loan scheme free of charge.


What do I do about supervision?

Both continual professional development and supervision can be accessed at a substantially discounted rate for MindWorks graduates after successful course completion.

All of our course tutors are qualified as supervisors and are accredited by both the National Council of Psychotherapists and General Hypnotherapy Register.

We offer both weekend and evening options for graduates to attend. Graduates can also seek an accredited supervisor via the NCP or GHR.

Will you provide advice about marketing and setting up in practice?

Yes, this is an essential part of the course.

The course includes unique approaches for promoting hypnotherapy practice, such as looking at the importance of promoting your practice without ‘selling’ – a vital approach for any health-based service such as Hypnotherapy.

We also cover the important contemporary aspects of promotion such as social media. Various factors around setting up in practice are addressed throughout the course and Module 9 in particular, is dedicated to setting up and promoting your practice.

Can I pay via instalments?

Yes, there is opportunity to pay course fees via instalments. Please see the current course guide for current fees and instalment payment dates.

What methods of payment are available?

Online Bank Transfer, on-line card payments, and card Payments in person or over the phone, Cheque; Postal Order; or PayPal are available. To arrange a bank transfer payment, make card payment by phone, or to make payment by cash or cheque - please telephone us on 07739 466318.

What are the entry requirements?

You are not required to have any previous training or experience in a therapy-related subject. Academic qualifications are not as important as commitment, flexibility and integrity.  There is no upper age limit; students should normally be over the age of 21.  However, we will consider applications from those aged between 18 and 21.