PICT Foundation Workshop for Trauma and Abuse Resolution

2-Day Next workshop

Sat 30th June & Sun 1st July 2018 – Nottingham

Total Cost – £185 (£75 deposit to book)

Early Bird Rate til 1st May – £170.00

or call 07739 466318 for booking information or

“Very professional, well-presented and a real pleasure to experience. It was deep and powerful. I feel I now have a powerful tool that I can use with clients in therapy that will help them progress and change”.



This experiential/practical workshop provides an introduction to Parks Inner Child Therapy and equips students with one of the many powerful tools from the PICT Trauma & Abuse Specialist Skills Diploma – ‘The Trauma Resolution Experience (Short Form)’

The Short Form Trauma Resolution experience:

  • Is a highly effective and unique tool for working with a specific problem/behaviour
  • Can be utilised for traumatic experiences from both childhood and adulthood.
  • Provides a rapid, comfortable and gentle experience for the client and therefore clients are more comfortable to engage in the process
  • Incorporates elements of recall, time-line, inner-child work, future pacing and re-scripting.
  • Is a fully scripted process – with a flexible script that provides carefully worded, information for the client.

The workshop includes:

  • What is the Inner Child?
  • How and why the Inner Child is helpful to the therapeutic process
  • An overview of the full PICT (Parks Inner Child Therapy) model
  • Demonstration and 2 rounds of practise of the PICT S/F Trauma Resolution Experience – allowing the delegate to practise/experience the tool in therapist and client role twice.
  • Group experience of an additional PICT Tool
  • Working with specific current life problems/behaviours
  • Working with adult traumas using the PICT S/F TRE
  • ***Bonus material included – working with the complexities of abuse***

“Excellent Introduction to the PICT course – Logical, well-paced, plenty of time for questions and practice”



“I felt it was structured, paced and delivered well. Great course”. “Really enjoyed it – it will be invaluable”.



Who is this workshop for?

  • It is an ideal introductory workshop for therapists, counsellors, hypnotherapists, coaches etc. wishing to add a powerful tool for working with their client’s specific problems/problem behaviours.
  • The workshop is a great opportunity to discover more about PICT (Parks Inner Child Therapy) and the full PICT model and delegates completing this workshop can claim £100 discount of PICT Practitioner Training commencing in Oct 2018 (Subject to successful application).
  • Delegates are required to read from a script out loud, and are required to work with their own personal material during the training – no role play is utilised.

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